Children in care can attend government preschool for 12 hours per week after their 3rd birthday, and 15 hours per week in the year before they start school. They then may have the option to continue at preschool until they turn 6 years of age, or start school when they reach the eligibility for enrolment.

We know that quality preschool education gives children the best possible start in life, and prepares them for future learning. Our goal is to support all children in care to experience play-based programs that create a lifelong passion for learning, develop social skills, assist with problem solving and develop language, fine motor and sensory skills.

Government preschool enrolments occur at any time of the year. Speak to your DCP caseworker to discuss the child’s preschool needs and enrolment options. You can also find your preschool catchment area on the Department for Education website.