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Statement of Wishes

A Statement of Wishes is a written statement provided to the Chief Executive of the Department for Child Protection by an adoption person, birth parent or adoptive parent that sets out their wishes in relation to contact by another party to the adoption. 

Statements of Wishes are provided for in section 27B(4) of the Adoption Act 1988, which came into effect on 18 December 2017. 

Only a person who had a current veto lodged with the department prior to 18 December 2017 may lodge a Statement of Wishes. 

If you lodge a Statement of Wishes and another party to the adoption applies for information relating to you after 17 December 2022, the department must include a copy of your statement with any information released. 

A Statement of Wishes is not a veto and does not operate to prevent a person from obtaining access to adoption information, including information which would enable another person to be traced. 

To make a Statement of Wishes, download and complete the form (PDF 464KB)

Who can make a Statement of Wishes?

A Statement of Wishes can only be completed by a person who has previously lodged an 'old section 27B direction' (known as an 'adoption information veto') with the department prior to 18 December 2017. 

The provisions allowing for directions (or 'vetoes') have been removed from the Adoption Act. This means the legal ability to lodge a section 27B direction no longer exists. 

What can I say in my Statement of Wishes?

You can set out your wishes in relation to contact with another party to the adoption. This may include: 

  • whether you wish to be contacted by all or some of the other parties to the adoption
  • how you would like to be contact (eg telephone, email or letter)
  • under what circumstances you wish to be contacted, if at all. 

When can I lodge a Statement of Wishes?

You can lodge or amend your Statement of Wishes any time from 18 December 2017 to 17 December 2022. From 18 December 2022 the ability to make or amend a Statement of Wishes ceases. 

What happens to my old Direction (veto)?

The law allowing for Directions ('adoption information vetoes') to be placed with the department has now been repealed. 

If you had a current veto placed with the department prior to 18 December 2017, your veto will continue to apply for 5 years (until 17 December 2022) unless you revoke it earlier. 

No person can place a new veto or renew an existing veto with the department after 17 December 2017. 

Can I provide other information in addition to my Statement of Wishes? 

If you wish to provide the department with any other separate information, you may do so by emailing adoptions [at] sa.gov.au or by posting it to 

DCP Adoption Services
GPO Box 1072
Adelaide SA 5001

In providing this information you should include the details of the adoption, such as the date of birth of the adopted person and the names and addresses of the parties at the time of the adoption. 

Support for people affected by adoption

Relationships Australia SA Post Adoption Support Services (PASS) can provide counselling, information and support, and links to other supports and networks for those affected by adoption. 

Alternatively, you can contact DCP Adoption Services. 


Adoption Support

To talk to someone about getting support for how these changes might affect you, you can contact:

Post Adoption Support Services (non-government)

Email: passinfo [at] rasa.org.au
Phone: (08) 8245 8100

Department for Child Protection Adoption Services (government)

Email: adoptions [at] sa.gov.au
Phone: 8463 3666

Adoption Act Review Office

Policy staff are available to help you with your queries about the Act. 

Email: DCPAdoptionReview [at] sa.gov.au
Phone: 8226 6840