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Restricting adoption information

The Adoption (Review) Amendment Act 2016 has passed in the South Australian Parliament. This means there will be significant changes to vetoes and restricting adoption information later this year.

See the changes to vetoes page for more information about the changes, and what they might mean for you.


People involved in an adoption that occurred before 17 August 1989 are able to restrict the release of information about themselves.

This is called a veto. Placing a veto means that no information that identifies you or allows you to be traced will be released to any other party.

Other eligible people are entitled to some information about the adoption that does not identify you or allow you to be traced. See applying for adoption information for further details.

Applying to restrict the release of information

Complete one of the following forms to restrict information about an adoption:

In the case of adoptive parents’ information, your veto must not prevent the disclosure of information to the birth parent about the welfare or whereabouts of the adopted person.

Every attempt will be made to be sensitive to the issues for you and protect your privacy.

Disclosing information

Under the Adoption Act 1988, the minister may authorise disclosure of any information even if a veto is in place if that disclosure is necessary in the interests of the welfare for an adopted person.

This is only under very exceptional circumstances and rarely occurs. 


Past adoption services

Telephone: 8207 2648 (past adoptions)
Emailadoptions [at] sa.gov.au