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12. When will I be able to access information

When will I be able to access information currently unavailable to me because of a veto?


Identifying information about parties to an adoption where there has been a veto may be available after the end of the 5 year transition period. The 5 year period starts on the day the changes commence which is likely to be mid-2017. 

A veto in place at the start of the 5 year transition period will continue for the full 5 years of the transition period, unless it is revoked by the person who placed it. 

Access to the information may be restricted if the Department for Child Protection determines that it should not be released in certain circumstances. 

If an adopted person or birth parent dies while their veto is in place, the department will notify the other party to the adoption about the deceased person's identity and their death. In the case of the death of an adopted person, this includes notifying the birth siblings of the adopted person. 

Processing applications for adoption information takes about 6-8 weeks once an application is received. This time depends on the number and complexity of files being processed.